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Old Time Hockey NHL St. Louis Blues Kimball Hoody Hoodie Sweater Herren Mens

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Der Kimball Team Logo Hoodie von Old Time Hockey hat eine sehr hohe Stoffqualität und ist zu 100% aus Baumwolle. Auf der Front des Hoodies ist das Teamlogo aufgestickt. Dieser Stick lässt keine Wünsche offen, FETT!. Über dem Saum des linken Ärmels ist ein "OTH"-Logo aufgestickt.

Über Old Time Hockey:

Founded in 1997, Old Time Hockey brought forth a new niché of sports apparel. While attending R.P.I. together, Eric Magnuson and future Hockey Hall of Fame player Adam Oates conceived the concept of an apparel company that celebrated the tradition and heritage of hockey with both vintage apparel and retro activewear. Brothers Bob and Chris joined this new business venture, devoting their lives to the attitude and idea that was Old Time Hockey. Shortly thereafter, Old Time Hockey was granted an apparel license with the National Hockey League, setting in place what would be the strongest market for the company. The company would go on to secure a license with the NHL Alumni Players Apparel Program and the NHLPA, allowing the brand to connect and pay homage to the pioneers of the sport, as well as current players. With their unparalleled craftsmanship, attention to detail, and relentless attitude, Old Time Hockey continues to be the leader in NHL lifestyle apparel.


Marke: Old Time Hockey